The Metro54 collective presents BLUEPRINT: Whose urban appropriation is this?, a multidisciplinary group exhibition and public programme, at TENT Rotterdam, focusing on the relationship between street culture and architecture. Metro54 invited architects, designers, rappers, producers, and artists to show new and existing work that explores and articulates the complex relationship between architecture and street culture.

Metro54 is a platform for young artists, performers, and other creators who explore the boundaries of their (art) disciplines, paying specific attention to talents who take inspiration from the world’s metropolitan melting pots. Metro54 organise interactive programmes, exhibitions, and (pop-up) events for a predominantly young audience. As part of their two-year Cultural Appropriation programme, Metro54 examines appropriation in contemporary urban arts and culture. BLUEPRINT: Whose urban appropriation is this? is the first part of this programme and focuses on urban appropriation.

On the same evening opens Rotterdam Cultural Histories #11: Disclaim the street (June 1 – August 27, 2017). This edition of Rotterdam Cultural Histories presents an image of the history of hip-hop culture in Rotterdam. For 40 years hip hop has been more than one movement: what it claims to be, what it takes as its domain, and which voices matter, all keep shifting. The same applies for hip hop’s history: there is not one story in which everyone involved would recognize themselves. Hip-hop history is itself subject to different claims, and part of an ongoing vigorous debate. A project by Navin Thakoer. With thanks to Mike Redman and Victor Vroegindeweij.

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Rotterdam Cultural Histories is a collaborative project between TENT and Witte de With that explores our common roots in Rotterdam and articulates meeting points between both of our programs.