Anansi the Spider, originating from Akan folklore, embodies a trickster archetype famous across West Africa, the Caribbean, and Suriname. Associated with the Ashanti people, Anansi takes on various forms and is known for his cunning and wisdom in achieving his goals, though outcomes of his tales vary.

His presence in the Caribbean stems from the transatlantic slave trade, highlighting his cultural significance in storytelling traditions, which encompass both humorous and challenging narratives.

Podcast producer Julian Crestian (‘KwEN TA KWE KU aNANZI’) has invited Juliette Esajas (storyteller, puppet player & coach) and Gerson Kronstadt (artist, music producer) and moderates a panel discussion with them. Him and his guests will analyse the stories, delving into the complexities of the character of Anansi and exploring the possible underlying messages of the tales.

Reservations are mandatory, please note that you need to find the correct date (the 19th op April) first in our ticketshop, before you can book your ticket.

Language – English
Free admission

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This event takes place at Hoffie, a public traveling book collection within Pris Roos’ exhibition and was created with Hannah Jacques and help from Gyonne Goedhoop, The Uitpluizers and Base Bookspace. It includes a selection of books and graphic novels for different ages and in different languages with topics including awareness of gender, sexuality, coming of age and different types of backgrounds.