In the exhibition Dat speelt hier niet (That doesn’t come into play here), Bert Scholten assigns new meanings to the historical rituals and customs associated with the koekplank (Dutch biscuit boards). Our local cultural identity, with its stories, customs and rituals, has always been subject to change. However, homogenisation over the years has lessened this malleability. Consequently, an antagonism surrounds the adaptation of widely accepted customs and rituals, while many others disappear almost without trace. In his work, Bert Scholten dusts the cobwebs off of such forgotten customs and brings them into the present.

That doesn’t come into play here is a spatial translation of the album Scholten made around biscuit boards. It’s a collection of stories, captured in images, text and music, told with one foot in reality and the other in the imagination. A recitative tale about new transformations and our potential role in this.

During the tour, Bert Scholten supplements the exhibition with (personal) stories about the biscuit board that he has collected in recent years.

After the tour there is time to view and listen to the works in more detail.

Practical information
Free admission
English tour 16:00-16:30pm