Support TENT

TENT does not stand still. We focus all our efforts on topical developments and trends in the art scene, and organize comprehensive and educational programmes for both young scholars and well-informed professionals. During cultural manifestations, we work together with other organisations in our city, and we host activities for trend-setting Rotterdam initiatives, such as the Dolf Henkes Award and the TAA. In addition to the financial backing of the municipality of Rotterdam, partners and funds, we are seeking your support to be able to further develop our distinguishing and various programme over the coming years. Support TENT and let art flourish and sparkle, as it is only possible in Rotterdam.

TENT Friend
For only € 40 you can become a TENT Friend. With a lot of gratitude you will be admitted into the TENT family, and you will be able to visit our exhibitions and events for free. Moreover, we will invite you to 4 VIP Previews per year, during which we will be happy to welcome you with a sparkling wine.

TENT Prominent
We would like to get professionals in the midst of their careers more involved in our case and make each of them a TENT Prominent, as your expertise, experience and aid can be very valuable to us. We organize private events during which networking is possible; and we will brainstorm with you about our ideas, TENT’s artistic director and artists will catch up on the shows and we will listen to what you as a TENT Prominent, who donates € 450, think is important.

The advantages
TENT can make optimum use of the complete amount that will be donated, whilst you can obtain financial benefits from your donation. Become a TENT Prominent for 5 years and qualify for a tax deduction. You can calculate the amount of the tax deduction, and which part of your donation will be paid by yourself via this link: calculate here. Your periodic gift will enable us to actually invest in the future. A one-off donation to TENT can also be deducted from your annual tax income. The amount of the deduction depends on your income. If more than 1% (the threshold) of the income is spent on charities, the amount above that will be deductible for tax purposes. This tax reduction applies to a maximum of 10% of your income. Several donations in one year to various ANBI institutions (institutions for general benefit), such as TENT, can be added up.

Would you like to know more about the advantages and conditions of the Geefwet (Gift and Inheritance Tax Act)? Click here.

If you have any questions, require more information or would like to make a donation, please contact Aad-Jan Persoon, aadjan@tentrotterdam.nl