TENT x Tate

TENT Rotterdam and Tate Modern are intensively working together for the second time on an exchange project oriented on young creatives. Ten young people (aged 18 to 25) from Rotterdam and London are joining a workshop programme which addresses the question, ‘where does culture happen?’. During workshops, field trips, and discussions, the group is stepping out of their comfort zone by gaining new experiences, researching where culture is produced and how it relates to the exhibition spaces of TENT and Tate. In these spaces, modern and contemporary art is displayed, preserved, and/or produced, but art and culture – in the widest sense of the words – is created in many more places: online, on the street, in domestic settings, and in social spaces. But what roles can the institutes play in cities like Rotterdam and London? And to whom are they relevant?

The group in Rotterdam consists of five young, ambitious creatives with a diverse disciplined background. Lisa McCray, Fatima Jabor, Jaime Le Bleu, Cengiz Mengüç and Charmaine van Leyden will start working, as a group, in London for a week using Tate Exchange – the project space on the fifth floor of the new Tate Modern building – as their home base. They will be immersed in the metropolitan culture of London and will actively research the city by seeing, feeling, tasting and intensively experiencing it. They will also learn about the role of art in society and the function of institutions, such as TENT and Tate, in a local context. Together with members of Tate Collective, artists, and makers from different disciplines, they will work on a public programme in which your findings are presented. In November, the group reconvenes at TENT to work on the same topic in relation to the city of Rotterdam:
“Where does culture happen?”

London: 15 October – 21 October
Rotterdam: 20 November – 24 November

Image: Charmaine van Leyden, Fatima Jabor, Cengiz Mengüç, Lisa McCray en Jaime Le Bleu