01.09.2018 - 01.09.2019

100% Contemporary

100% Contemporary is a new educational alliance between Showroom MAMA, TENT, and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, which are all located a stone’s throw from each other in the centre of Rotterdam. During 100% Contemporary, pupils get acquainted with contemporary art in its broadest sense.

Teachers may select a programme and choose from the various exhibitions or a workshop or both. In the workshop, students consider what kind of artists they would be and then work individually or collectively on a visual work.

To ‘be contemporary’ is to live in the here and now, to dream about the future, and to learn from the past. Contemporary art is the art of now made by living artists. Unlike classical and modern art, contemporary art often reflects on current social, political, and economic issues. Contemporary art is exhibited at art fairs and in a global network of arts organisations, to which our three institutions belong. During 100% Contemporary, school students are invited to look at and respond to our exhibitions. The emphasis is on discussion, reflection, and forming one’s opinion about art’s role in society.

Please contact Judith Vorwerk, TENT’s education coordinator, for additional information and reservations.