Secondary education

  • Studio Luisterbuis

    Beyoncé, Ali B, Broederliefde: everyone is busy with his or her ancestors and history. Who you are is the story you tell about […]

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  • Working together for art eduction in the city: Rotterdams CKV

    TENT is actively involved in the development and professionalization of art education in the city. In close cooperation with other art institutions and teachers of Cultural and Artistic Education (CKV), TENT commits to involving high school students in art projects and to excite them for art in its broadest sense.

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  • Bel’s Kitchen

    Bel’s Kitchen is an educational programme for students in primary and secondary educaiton. Consisting of a one-hour interactive tour and a stimulating one-hour workshop with visual artist Maarten Bel.

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  • workshop Werker Magazine

    Workshop Werker Magazine

    Werker Magazine is organising a photography workshop especially for 15 to 24-year-olds. The workshop follows the methodologies of the Arbeiterfotografenbewegung (Worker Photography Movement), which originated in the 1920s in Germany and then spread across Europe and to America and Japan.

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  • Teambuilding – Helmut Smits

    Team Building  is an unconventional football game specifically developed for high-school students in collaboration with the artist Helmut Smits and the KCR Cultuurtraject. […]

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  • Room for Imagination

    Specifically developed for vocational and high-school students, Room For Imagination was an educational project for the solo exhibition Anne Wenzel – The Opaque Palace. The two-hour programme included an interactive exhibition tour and a physical workshop in collaboration with the Ro Theater.

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  • Monsters Inside Me

    Monsters Inside Me was a programme for high-school students and was inspired by the xhibition Dark Matters. Artist Jeroen Kuster gave high school students an interactive exhibition tour and a workshop about viruses, bacteria, and scary diseases.

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  • t.z.t.

    Temporarily Untitled is a workshop for a group of 25 high school students to conduct twelve weeks of artistic research accompanied by artist and designer Sophie Krier. The process had no predetermined target; all discoveries could lead to exploring new roads. In the Temporarily Untitled workshop, content was further developed (or not) by the students.

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  • PaintShop Pro

    To accompany the exhibition Every Picture Tells A Story, TENT developed an extensive educational programme for high-school students. Since there is still an evident love for painting among Rotterdam’s artists, TENT showed the work of young artists from the city and who liberate painting from its stuffiness by bringing it back to life.

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