For ‘Things Will Change’, two groups of students from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam follow a 2 month-long program in TENT Rotterdam. The project aims to stimulate dialogue and collaboration between the students of both academies. In several sessions, students will find inspiration in the current exhibitions at TENT, resulting in new works by the students themselves. Some of these works are selected to be exhibited in TENT from Dec 6-8.

The running exhibitions at TENT will firstly be the exhibition ‘Boerenzij’ by artist Wapke Feenstra, presenting her research and co-creation project mapping the rural knowledge and (life) stories of Rotterdam-South. The second exhibition is an exhibition by artist duo Gil & Moti, titled ‘Wild Bet’, revolving around the social-psychological impact of gambling and its relation to urban communities. The projects give the students a unique introduction to these current topics and to socially orientated artistic practices. The various sessions include several workshops and a studio visit with Wapke Feenstra and Gil & Moti.

With works by: Steph Bayes and Izzy Ramos; Noah Commandeur, Rio Drop, Tugay Adem Kader, Valeria Moro and Múz Spaans; Michel Heen, David Jellema and Ryan Lim Zi Yi; Anne van Ophem and Yunwei Zhang.

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Many thanks to: Karin Arink, Mariana Aboim Fernandes, Yair Callender, Wapke Feenstra, Gil & Moti, het Verhalenhuis and Martijn Verhoeven.

‘Things Will Change’ is a collaboration between TENT, KABK and WdKA.