Working according to the unique model of the Rotterdams CKV, teachers and educators commit themselves to stimulating an urban approach to Cultural and Artistic Education for Rotterdam high schools. Every school gets linked to two cultural institutions and together they develop projects and a fitting curriculum, in which students are stimulated to think about and actively participate in art and culture. Some of these experiments from the school year 2016/17 are now being offered to other schools in the ‘Cultuurtraject Rotterdam’.

Another important objective of the Rotterdams CKV is to campaign for the branch. The goal is to get the government, school boards and others interested in cultural eduction and to make them want to invest more.

The KCR (Knowledge center for Cultural Eduction Rotterdam) functions as project manager and process supervisor for the meetings of Rotterdams CKV. This year, TENT together with MAAS Theater & Dans presents the cultural trajectory ‘Performance; art or theater?’.

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For more information see the Rotterdams CKV website.