Primary education

  • Studio Luisterbuis

    BeyoncĂ©, Ali B, Broederliefde: everyone is busy with his or her ancestors and history. Who you are is the story you tell about […]

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  • Bel’s Kitchen

    Bel’s Kitchen is an educational programme for students in primary and secondary educaiton. Consisting of a one-hour interactive tour and a stimulating one-hour workshop with visual artist Maarten Bel.

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  • Meten = Weten?

    Meten = Weten? is an educational project as part of the group exhibition Spending Quality Time With My Quantified Self, and was specially developed for year six students of primary school Het Landje in Rotterdam. The project consists of a series of six meetings, starting with a visit to TENT.

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  • Meet an Artist

    What is it like to be an artist? What do they do all day, and where do they get their ideas? To answer these questions, students can meet a Rotterdam artist in their studio, in the classroom, or at TENT

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  • Philosophy Tour

    During this tour, children discover that it is not only nice to look at art, but it is especially nice to talk to each other about it.

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