The exhibition Among other things, I’ve taken up smoking in TENT is dedicated to gender and sexual identity, the fluid forms that this can take on and the tension that exists between this flexibility on the one hand and the heterosexual standards that are still the norm in our society on the other hand. The project gives the students a unique introduction to this current topic and the framework of the exhibition. The various sessions include workshops by artist and researcher Olle Lundin and Gert-Jan Verboom (founder of the Hang-Out 010) and studio visits by artists Rory Pilgrim and Liz Allan (member of artists collective All the Cunning Stunts).

Many thanks to: Mariana Aboim Fernandes, Liz Allan (All The Cunning Stunts), Karin Arink, Olle Lundin, Rory Pilgrim, Gert-Jan Verboom, Martijn Verhoeven.

Genderosity is a collaboration between TENT, KABK and WdKA.