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  • 18.11.2014 - 26.11.2014

    TENT gesloten ivm opbouw

    nieuwe zaal TENT

    TENT is closed due to the build up of the exhibition Dolf Henkes Prijs 2014. On thursday 27 November the opening of exhibition takes place.

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  • 05.09.2014 - 31.12.2014

    Steen in water

    Rotterdam Cultural Histories #3

    Steen in het water

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  • 27.11.2014 - 18.01.2015

    Dolf Henkes Prijs 2014

    Silvia B., Esther Kokmeijer, Ewoud van Rijn, Lidwien van de Ven

    Esther Kokmeijer - standin Noordse Stern - 2013

    The Rotterdam artists Silvia B., Esther Kokmeijer, Ewoud van Rijn, and Lidwien van de Ven have been nominated for the 2014 Dolf Henkes Prize. The Dolf Henkes Prize is awarded every two years to an iconic artist from Rotterdam. The jury, headed by collector Joop van Caldenborgh, nominated the artists for the €12,000 prize. The exhibition of the nominees takes place at TENT from Thursday 27 November 2014 until 18 January 2015. The winner will be announced on 18 December.

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  • 05.02.2015 - 19.04.2015

    Woody van Amen / Hidde van Schie

    New Romantic Spirit

    Woody van Amen - Theresia - 1966

    Pop Art legend Woody van Amen, whose work spans over fifty years, and painter/musician Hidde van Schie, who has been active for only ten years, meet in a spectacular double exhibition. In their joint search for images that express a new and contemporary way of life, they will present paintings, light works, installations, and collages that react to an increasingly complex visual reality.

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  • 05.02.2015 - 19.04.2015

    Shift & Drift

    Jan Adriaans, Fatima Barznge, Kevin Gallagher, Anita Hrnic, Maarten Janssen, Simon Kentgens Ine Lamers, Kiki Lamers, Jan van Pavert, Onno Poiesz, Wouter Venema, Lorelinde Verhees, Sjoerd Westbroek, Lucian Wester, Ellemieke Schoenmaker, Efrat Zehavi, Timmy van Zoelen

    Frank van der Salm - Hollywood

    An overview of work by Rotterdam talent, who have been given resources to experiment thanks to the Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling (Research & Development) scheme. The exhibition is curated by NEST's curator Eelco van der Lingen, and celebrates the fifth anniversary of the CBK Rotterdam's O&O subsidy.

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  • tenttehuur


    TENT Huren

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  • PrintRoom

    04.09.2014 - 30.11.2014

    TENT Guest Shelf

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  • 01.11.2014 - 01.12.2014

    Book Shop OPEN CALL

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  • Esther Kokmeijer - standin Noordse Stern - 2013

    20:00 hrs

    Dolf Henkes Prijs 2014

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  • Hans Wilschut, Speciale Editie Centraal 2 (2014)

    15:00 hrs

    Book Launch Hans Wilschut

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  • Giuseppe Licari

    15:00 hrs

    Book Launch Esther Kokmeijer & Première Charlois Wine 2013

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  • Vasilis Karvounis

    11.12.2014 - 13.12.2014

    solo presentation Vasilis Karvounis

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  • Award Ceremony

    18:00 hrs

    Award Ceremony & TENT's Pre-Christmas-Party

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  • 31.12.2014

    Be a TENT Facebook Fan!

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