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Pataphor - Hidde van Schie

24.02.2008, 15:00 hrs - book launch

Hidde van Schie, Pataphor, 2008

Pataphor is an amphibious vehicle which carries you to topographies ‘beyond’, away on wings going eagerly to nowhere in particular..

Pataphor, an anthology composed of drawings, collages and paintings is the first artist publication by Hidde van Schie. Its format is based on that of a pulp comic, a small paperback of 160 pages, mainly black-and-white with a colour section in the middle. The book gives an impression of Van Schie’s artistic mentality. In his work, psychological and mythological themes intermingle and form a confusing visual world in which the underlying motives of human nature are central. The comic strips for adults, obsessed by macabre and erotic scenes, from which the format of the book is derived, find a response in his artistic practice. The darker side of the human psyche appear to the surface; the obscure is magnified and made visible. The book provides a comprehensive view of Van Schie's recent drawings, collages and paintings, and contains texts by Jan van Heemst, Esma Moukhtar, Nathalie Hartjes and Jeroen S. Rozendaal. The book launch will be accompanied with a spoken column by Jeroen Rozendaal, and Sandra Smeets, journalist for the NRC Handelsblad, will interview the artist.

During the book launch, Pataphor will be on sale for the special introductory price of €12.

Thanks to: Veenman Drukkers / Veenman Publishers.

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