26.07.2015 - 28.09.2015

All Begins With A

TENT is pleased to debut the work of the Rotterdam artist Janneke van der Putten (1985, lives and works in Rotterdam). For her exhibition, Van der Putten presents a number of recent works in which the relationship between sound, voice, and singing and body, time, and space are investigated through her personal experiences, physicality, and voice. The lengthy walks, tours and listening studies that Van der Putten performs are an important starting point for her work. She uses her voice as an instrument to scan or articulate a particular situation or space, and thereby allow an environment’s often-hidden features to be experienced. The work is driven by the rhythms of nature and the transitions of day and night.

The exhibition opens at the new moon and closes on the day of the full moon. Van der Putten’s practice is a form of psychogeography. She establishes relationships between herself and an external reality, such as a cemetery in Rotterdam, the isle of Vassivière, Lima’s urban environment, or the desert coast of Peru, and in direct proportion to things, such as bird sounds, gunshots, and echoes.

Janneke van der Putten graduated with Honors from the Department of Textiles at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2009 and completed the Master Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 2013.