21.01.2018 - 14.00 - 16.00 H

TENT Welcomes De Rotterdamse Beeldmaatschappij

TENT Welcomes De ROTTERDAMSE BEELDMAATSCHAPPIJ with their event Linkse Hobbies (Leftist Hobbies) on 21st January at 14.00 hours in TENT. During this event, the pilot episode of a series of films about Rotterdam’s art sector after the cuts will be premièred. The short film considers existing prejudices about the theatre world and reflects on the term Leftist Hobbies.

De ROTTERDAMSE BEELDMAATSCHAPPIJ doesn’t pretend to know everything (or anything at all) about art, but they are curious. At the end of the day, as image-makers, they’re part of ‘the sector’. In recent years, however, banks have formed some prejudices about the art sector, which must be unravelled. De ROTTERDAMSE BEELDMAATSCHAPPIJ have, admittedly, discovered a few of their own prejudices. Under the provocative title Leftist Hobbies, they attempt researching the subject. They encourage the viewer to establish their own opinion, but aspire to provide them with as many facts as possible to do so. With their motto ‘the other side of right’, they try to lay bare as many question-marks and prejudices (opinions) as possible, however painful this may be.

De ROTTERDAMSE BEELDMAATSCHAPPIJ strives to make confronting and disruptive films that show the flip-side of hegemonic images in our society, without falling into exoticism, voyeurism and glorification.