28.12.2017 - 14.00 - 15.30 H

Studio Luisterbuis

Who you are is the story you tell about yourself. What and who make up that story?
What would you rather leave out from your story? Are only your experiences important?
Or do the stories of your family (mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, and beyond) also belong to you too?

Do you like telling stories, making sound recordings and time travel? On Thursday December 28, you can participate in Studio Luisterbuis at TENT. Located in the middle of TENT’s exhibition space, Studio Luisterbuis is a recording studio and workshop for young and old. During the workshop, an interactive guided tour allows participants to view and ask questions about Going Back to Forget: an exhibition in which different artists present works about memory and personal connections to larger histories. After this, you will start working on a story in the Studio Luisterbuis workshop of artist duo RoosWiesBlauw.

In this special space, RoosWiesBlauw is working on an experiment in which they collect different versions of the same story. The story already exists, but its many gaps mean it cannot yet be told. The workshop participants fill in the gaps by answering questions. In this way, they put words into the story without knowing where their contributions shall be placed. From a computer, a story that reads like a script appears on a big screen with the push of a button. Finally, the story, including background noises made during the workshop, is recorded and stored as a podcast in the RoosWiesBlauw story archive.

Workshop and guided tour, suitable for all participants aged 8 upwards, free, Dutch,  reservation via nadia@tentrotterdam.nl

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