07.12.2017 - 20.00 - 21.00H

Sara Hamadeh – A Refusing Machine

On Thursday 7th December at 20.00 hours Sara Hamadeh will give a performance at TENT. While hundreds of amateur videos of the military aircraft and drones that fly daily over Syria appear online every day, Hamadeh outlines an image of recent military history in which politics, technology, and popular culture coalesce. In a performance, she combines storytelling with archival footage and media images to establish a relationship between aerial warfare, the cockpit, and the role of humans.

Sara Hamadeh (Lebanon) is an artist and researcher with a background in film studies. Her research focuses on war images and the power politics behind the production and online distribution of those images.

Hamadeh’s performance is part of a lively public programme that runs parallel to the group exhibition, Going Back to Forget. During the exhibition period, besides Hamadeh’s performance, there will be a solo performance by theatre maker Abhishek Thapar, a book presentation and discussion with artist Efrat Zehavi and a video-experiment by performance artist Nicola Unger.

Performance, ENG, 60 min., €5,- / €3,- student

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