05.01.2018 - 14.01.2018

Nicola Unger: Transmission—Symmetries in Fate

Nicola Unger presents a video installation about genetic and cultural transmission, combining documentary, animation, and dance. Unger’s performance considers the body as a ‘container’ of histories and of future generations. What is, consciously or unconsciously, transferred from one generation to the next? What can we control in this, or are we simply puppets to our DNA?

Performance artist Nicola Unger (Germany, 1974) is interested in the connection between generations and the (conscious and unconscious) repetition of patterns and histories. She created a personal archive, documenting her’s and her family’s background since 1890. A source of the work is Hungarian psychologist Léopold Szondi, who claims that our ancestors are in our recessive genes and secretly influence our choices. She studied Applied Theatrical Sciences at Giessen and at DAS Theatre in Amsterdam.

Transmissions- Symmetries in Fate is part of a lively public programme that runs parallel to the group exhibition, Going Back To Forget. During the exhibition period, besides Unger’s video-experiment, there will be a solo performance by theatre maker Abhishek Thapar, a performance by Sara Hamadeh and a book presentation and discussion with artist Efrat Zehavi.