09.11.2017 - 19.00-22.00U

Going Back to Forget

On Thursday November 9th at 19.00 TENT opens the group exhibition Going Back to Forget with new and recent work by Kevin van Braak, Rabin Huissen, Sarojini Lewis, Sandim Mendes and Sara Rajaei. Parallel to the exhibition, there’s a lively public programme with performance art and theatre performances by Sara Hamadeh, Efrat Zehavi, Abhishek Thapar and Nicola Unger. Curated by Anke Bangma.

Going Back to Forget addresses memory and personal connection to larger histories. The artists follow the traces of their family history, try to hold on to time, imagine memories they have never known, and tell stories that need to be told today.

During the opening DJ Richelle Soigni will be behind the decks!

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