Blok Beton – Maurice Meewisse

TENT presents Blok Beton (Block Concrete), a performance by Maurice Meewisse. It is the fourth event in the series of COOLSTOF projects realised by Kunstblock: five art institutions in the Cool district around the Witte de Withstraat.

Physical work is the source of inspiration for Meewisse’s projects. Through performances and actions, such as cutting a tree or smelting metal, he creates an ode to physical work, the value of which sometimes seems to be disappearing from our increasingly automated and digitised society. More than the result, it is about the action of the work itself, which becomes a social and symbolic event.

Blok Beton addresses people’s need to invest their labour in something that has utility or meaning. Meewisse’s project starts on 9 February with a performance that concentrates on the mixing and pouring of concrete. A winter party with soup and bread and a contribution by sound artist Jordy Walker will concurrently celebrate this strenuous work. A few days later, Meewisse will remove the concrete from its mould. In the last act, an ambassador gives the neighbourhood control over the object via a verbal agreement, thus determining its future.

Performance and installation artist Maurice Meewisse lives in Rotterdam. He often works outdoors, and previous projects include at the Oerolfestival, Terschelling (2013); Fest i Nova, Georgia (2015); Lucy/Galerie Sanaa, Utrecht (2015); Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus (2015); The Sand Motor, The Hague (2017); and Arte Concordia, Rotterdam (2017).

About Coolstof

The Kunstblock institutions – MAMA, WORM, V2_, TENT Rotterdam, and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art – have invited different artists and collectives to realise special projects. Monthly from September 2017 to May 2018, there is a surprising action, performance, intervention or installation in the Cool district. The COOLSTOF projects take place on Friday evenings during De Kunstavond. The first edition of COOLSTOF was a performance by Geo Wyeth for Showroom MAMA in September 2017. COOLSTOF is made possible by the Municipality of Rotterdam.