Monsters Inside Me - Jeroen Kuster - cultuurtraject 2013 (foto Aad Hoogendoorn) (52)

Visual culture can be encountered everywhere in everyday life: fashion, music videos, advertising, and games; we all communicate with images. For TENT, visual art is integral to this visual culture. At TENT, the artist’s imagination is closer than you think. TENT mainly shows the work of (young) Rotterdam artists, who often contribute to the educational programme during their exhibitions.

TENT’s exhibitions present a broad diversity of art ideas, artists, and materials, and, therefore, it has a varied and interesting educational programme. For each exhibition, TENT’s educational activities address topics, which are often socially relevant subjects raised by its exhibiting artists, such as identity, being rooted, and one’s sense of home. But, it can also be that the artists take students on a quest for inspiration and material.

For more information on education and visitor support, please contact Judith Vorwerk, education coordinator of TENT: or +31 (0)10-4135498.

For an overview of our current programs, please check the column on the right.

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    Kunstblock Tour

    adults, college, secondary education

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    100% Contemporary

    secondary education

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  • TENT x Tate

    TENT x Tate

    secondary education

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